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Enterprise Security


In order to successfully manage any business, carry out any transaction

information security, fraud prevention, legal awareness and compliance are essential.

Ymflow inserts enterprise security in every brick of corporate management




due-diligence legal-security bank regulation

Anti-fraud is a continuous process that start with due diligence, built with payment security assuring that the transaction is carried out without any :

                                                      - possible loss of cash or assets
                                                      - Legal liabilities : all transactions must have full compliance with banking regulations, and local laws
Confidentiality and trade secrets are a key component of any business transaction, 
since business in the 21st century is mostly driven by digital tools, digital security in not option; our security inspection process is applied in every step of any business venture.
from prospection, sourcing, contracting till execution and final delivery, we run all buisness throught filters:

                                                       - Behavioral analytics

                                                      - Legal compliance

                                                      - Ethical compliance

                                                      - Document Forgery Analysis

                                                      - Electronic docuent authenticity verification


should we detect or suspect any attempt of any type of fraud that will put our company or our client at any risk, we will immediately order to stop the transaction 



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