Security for Project Funding
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Welcome to Ymflow

Bridging the gap between digital security, fraud detection, and international trade and financing,

including bank instrument acquisition and leverage financing.

When All Process are Secured, Business & Money Flows !; that is Ymflow

Our Focus

As a professional security engineering firm:

·        We do not engage in the buying or selling of financial instruments.

·        We do not assume the role of brokers or intermediaries.

Instead, our focus lies in providing:

·        Expert advice to secure your financial transactions.

·        Innovative solutions to optimize the use of bank instruments and Financial instruments.

Levraged Finance

The Need for Robust Security

In today's interconnected world:

·        The need for robust digital security and fraud detection mechanisms is paramount.

·        Ymflow offers comprehensive insights into these critical areas.

Ensuring Your Financial Activities Are Secure

With our expertise, we help you:

·        Ensure that your international trade and financing activities are secure and fraud-resistant.

·        Gain a holistic understanding of complex financial instruments and how to leverage them effectively.

Ensuring Your Financial Transcation are legaly protected :

Our company is a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of bank compliance, including stringent money laundering regulations. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements with confidence. From risk assessment and policy development to ongoing training, monitoring, and reporting, we're committed to helping our clients maintain a robust compliance culture. Our expertise in anti-money laundering (AML) laws helps safeguard our clients' reputation and success in the financial industry, while contributing to the global fight against financial crime.

Our Commitment

We are committed to:

Empowering our clients with knowledge and tools to navigate the international trade and financing landscape safely and confidently


Our Ethics


Brokers and Intermediaries


there is a majority of "internet brokers" we are keen on keeping away from our clients :

intermediaries involved in complex chains of transactions, often in commodities or securities, where the actual connection to the underlying asset or real deal is tenuous or nonexistent. These intermediaries can create a convoluted network where the legitimacy and value of deals can become questionable.

This phenomenon is sometimes associated with issues like market inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and increased risks.

Here are some key aspects related to such intermediaries:

  1. Long Chains of Intermediaries: These can involve multiple brokers, agents, and middlemen, each taking a cut or adding a layer of complexity. This often leads to inflated prices and reduced transparency.

  2. Expired or Non-Existent Deals: In some cases, the deals being traded are outdated, expired, or never existed in a meaningful way. This can happen in commodities trading, for example, where contracts for future delivery are traded, but the actual commodity is never exchanged.

  3. Distance from the Underlying Asset: As intermediaries get further removed from the actual producer or end-user, the connection to the real commodity or security can become abstract. This can lead to situations where parties are trading rights or claims that have little basis in reality.


Proffesional Brokers & Business introducers